Strategic Natural Gas Procurement For Large Volume Commercial Businesses

Independent Energy Advisors helps your business make smart and timely buying decisions for natural gas supply contracts to manage risks and provide budget certainty.

Our role is to ensure our clients implement the right measures in the right order with the right suppliers at speed so that they achieve the best results possible in cost savings.

We are fully independent, and not tied to any Licensed Energy Retailer / Wholesaler and can objectively identify, measure and verify all the possibilities available in the marketplace to help our customers evaluate the best options for them from their side of the table.

Why should you take charge of natural gas for your business?


1.  Stability

Seek advice from our energy consultants to take advantage of dips in the natural gas markets.


1.  Protection

Protect your energy budget and bottom line from the risk of price spikes or higher energy rates.


1.  Low Rates

Be part of our growing portfolio of customers to ensure the lowest rates available.

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