LED Lighting Retrofit

Save On Energy's LED

Rebate Program

As an authorized agent of Mid Canada Asset Management Corp,  IEA is your partner in turnkey LED retrofit solutions for your business. We specialize in all business verticals from large industrial spaces to warm comforting retirement communities. The Save on Energy Business Incentive program offers a considerable rebate for upgrading your current lighting to more energy-efficient LED.  

LED Benefits

  • We undertake your audit at no cost to you

  • Save up to 75% in electricity lighting costs

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Receive a free preapproval for the SaveOnEnergy's government rebate for upgrading your lighting.

  • The retrofit is financed and you pay out of the electricity savings (On Approved Credit)

A Qualified Audit

All audits are done by trained professionals and discussed with your local distribution company (LDC).  Audit results are presented to you outlining how much electricity you are consuming at the time of the audit and how much you will be consuming following the retrofit. We outline the cost of the retrofit, the payback period, and the ROI. We also submit a rebate requisition on your behalf to your LDC.

Professional Installation

All installations are performed by qualified and certified Master Electricians who undergo a background check prior to entering your premises. All old bulbs and ballasts are disposed of according to provincial guidelines.

Contact Us To Get Started!

The best way to get started is to have us provide a free audit.

That audit will provide you with your current lighting costs, the cost of your retrofit, your estimated government rebate amount, your estimated energy savings after installation, and your estimated R.O.I. payback.

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